Portland Summer Ensembles

PSE’s chamber music workshop for strings and piano gives students the opportunity to play, study, and perform chamber music with other committed musicians at an advanced and focused high-intermediate level. Open to students throughout the region, participants receive instruction in practice and performance techniques, and participate in other activities designed to enhance the art of chamber playing. PSE faculty includes outstanding musicians from the Oregon Symphony and from Boston-based, Grammy-nominated chamber ensemble, A Far Cry

Photo by Richard Kolbell

Throughout the week musicians will participate in chamber ensemble rehearsals, coaching sessions, masterclasses, and seminars. In addition, string students will work within a self-directed chamber orchestra that incorporates A Far Cry style rehearsal and performance techniques.  Pianists will participate in Piano Studio where they will explore technique, perform solo pieces, and even do some four-hand playing! 

Lunchtime activities include soccer, basketball, as well as quiet activities that take advantage of The Madeleine’s beautiful garden.

The Madeleine Parish is located at 3123 NE 24th Ave in NE Portland, Oregon.